Manager / Coach Binder

Welcome to the Manager and Coach Binder Documents
In an effort to reduce paper waste, we are including all documents in the traditional binder here, for you to view electronically whenever needed.

1. Board Member Contact List

2.  Certificate of Insurance
Should be referenced as needed to cover you at Washington School District, City of Phoenix, City of Glendale and City of Peoria

3.  Field Maintenance Procedures
Reference guide on how to maintain the fields.  It's critical these procedures are followed in order to keep our fields safe for our players.

4.  Parent Volunteer Duties
Pre-Game and Post-Game field duties.  Engage parents to help with these setup and tear down procedures.  Make it a team effort!

5.  Team Code of Conduct
Must be reviewed with your entire team (players and parents) for all to understand conduct expectations.

6.  Parent Code of Conduct
All parents agreed to this code during registration, document is here for reference if a reminder is needed.

7.  CWLL Regular Season & End of Season Local League Rules
Local Rules are in addition to the Little League Rule Book.  These are specific to playing at CWLL.

8.  CWLL By-Laws and Field Operation Policies and Procedures   and  All-Star Manager / Coach and Player Selection Policy
By-Laws are what we all follow for standard operating procedures within Cactus Wren Little League.  Managers, Coaches, Board Members should all use as a guideline.

9.  CWLL Emergency Evacuation Plan
Emergency evacuation plan for Cactus Wren Little League Fields

10.  Heads Up Concussion - Fact Sheet for Youth Sports Coaches   
       Action Plan if you suspect a concussion
       FREE Concussion Training
It's required by Little League and Washington Elementary School District, that all involved in youth sports are aware of the signs of a concussion and proper procedures are followed.

11.  Little League Baseball Accident Notification Form and Instructions
All accidents should be notified, no matter how minor they may seem, within 24 hours.  You must notify the League Safety Offficer and provide him this accident form.

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